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Property Management Services


Green Home Realty Property Management offers services for building owners. We:

  • Advertise for, interview, and background check prospective tenants for your property. You make the final choice.
  • We open a dedicated bank account for your property, hold deposits, collect rents, and wire the rental payments directly to your account.
  • We visit the property 3 times a year to check the operation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and to look for lease, code and safety violations.
  • We monitor the property to ensure the tenants are taking care of outdoor maintenance and meeting the trash collection pick-ups.
  • We ensure that sidewalk and entry ways are open and clean of obstructions year-round.
  • We respond to problems requiring attention from tradesmen, arrange for their hire and for their payment.
  • We serve Cambridge and Somerville, Belmont and Arlington.

For more details call our office at: 617-650-6481

Green Home REALTY. Boston-Somerville-Cambridge, 26 White Street, Cambridge, MA 02140 -617-650-6481

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